Silence of the Lambs

GLSL Shadertoy Shader

For this shader I wanted to write something that used textured stone walls, as I hadn’t really tried writing that effect before. The cell scene Silence of the Lambs movie seemed to lend itself as inspiration, as it would also allow me to add some cool reflections from the cell glass.

The stone pattern was made using a voronoi pattern with a couple of layers of noise on the material to add roughness. All the walls are completely flat, but when applying the material I tweak the normal vector to add dynamic highlights and shadows as the camera moves.

I’m quite pleased with the outcome, although it would have been good to add some pencil-drawn artwork onto the cell walls. Technically doable, but the scene was making my GPU groan, and I like to keep the frame rate reasonable for the majority of people.

The GLSL shader source can be found here, and a 360° VR view here.

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