The Fly

GLSL Shadertoy Shader

The challenge for this shader was to a) pay tribute to an awesome movie, and b) to add some animated content. I actually got quite attached to the little Fly – It was fun working out how to make a dot move like a fly, and go through the ‘transporting’ process with a bit of character.

The textures are based on FBM noise – In the case of the wood, once axis is squashed much more than the other. Even the plain walls have some subtle noise added to them, making them look a but more realistic than they would if perfectly flat.

I cheated with the vertical drain pipe – It is actually infinitely long to keep the code simple. It definitely looked strange when the scene was viewed in VR, so I had to add some distance fog when looking up.

The GLSL shader source can be found here, and a 360° VR view here.

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