Useless Box – The Beginning

The Beginning

So this is it – My first Arduino project!  After months of see YouTube videos and Twitter updates from people working on their own Arduino projects, I finally bit the bullet and bought my own ‘starter kit’ from Amazon.

I didn’t just want to make an LED flash on and off (One of the usual Arduino beginner projects) – I wanted to Make Stuff Move.  Curtesy of a dad with a few spare radio control servos, and a bit of Googling, I felt ready to start making my Useless Box.

Coding is no problem – That’s what I do professionally – And as a child of the 80’s I’ve still got a LOT of Lego kicking about, there’s not much holding me back.

If you haven’t seen a ‘Useless Box’ before, go and check them out on YouTube.  Simply put, you have a hinged box with a switch on it.  You flick the switch, the box opens, and a ‘finger’ turns it off again.

That’s it.

Believe me – It’s more fun than it sounds.

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